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Braintech Inc. was founded to resolve a wide variety of social complexities in the era of industry 4.0 that we live in and in the future to come. For the better life of humans, we are creating artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, and numerous technologies. Many products are not simply judged by technology, but by human-centered technology and human-centered design. The industry 4.0 and future generations are moving toward a convergent human-centered trend. In line with this, BrainTech Inc. was first created to develop and supply various forms of embedded solutions based on artificial intelligence, including the supply and support of advanced optical elements that are indispensable to our lives. In particular, LED technology, the next generation of optical elements, is growing in the markets and technology, ranging from 3D printers, machine vision, household appliances, smart farms, and automotive optics. It’s also evolving into a solution for a variety of big data-driven artificial intelligence forecasting systems. In this field of optics and artificial intelligence, BrainTech’s goal is to do its best to live a better life for humans.

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